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Appointment Reminders

No shows no matter what the event or gathering are very costly. In the world that we live in where there is just so very much to do – a simple reminder can certainly bring back the full calendar you deserve. “Patient reminders can help physicians improve immunization rates for their practice, according to a […]

Billing Reminders

An automatic bill payment telephone reminder is a text message or recorded message sent by phone (without an operator or collections person) that reminds an individual that a payment is upcoming or overdue. Bill reminders simply notify the call recipient of an upcoming payment or the delinquent status on an account. This pre-recorded message can also contain […]

Customer Retention

Do you know what a customer is worth to you? Mobile marketing gives you the permission to engage in a dialogue with your customers unlike any other method. With you’ll have the ability to retain all of your best customers at minimal cost.   Find out how much even a small increase in return […]

Voice messages

Send your appointments voice broadcasts reminding them of their upcoming appointment.  Automatic voice calls will conserve time for your staff so they can focus on more efficient profit generating tasks.

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