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A quick run through of the invaluable services you can access.

Find  some of the most valuable automated services that can bring your business what it deserves right here.  All done online with you in control or we can deal with the lot for you so you can get on with your business.  We are masters at Keeping It Simple S


Patient Reminders

“Patient reminders can help physicians improve immunization rates for their practice, according to a new review of studies. All six of the reminder and recall systems tested — including post cards, letters and phone calls — resulted in better immunization coverage, the review finds.

The boost in immunization rates held true for both adults and children — and across an array of clinical settings. The review, which encompasses 43 patient-reminder studies, found immunization increases “in the range of 1 to 20 percentage points.”

– Health Behavior News Service


Bill Reminders

An automatic bill payment telephone reminder is a text message or recorded message sent by phone (without an operator or collections person) that reminds an individual that a payment is due or overdue.

Bill reminders simply notify the call recipient of the upcoming payment due or the status on an account. This pre-recorded message can also contain specific information unique to each call recipient. This notice may be all that is required to effect a payment if the payee simply forgot or lost a bill. Notices can contain information about what action the individual needs to perform.




BC_retainImprove Customer Retention

Mobile marketing gives you the permission to engage in a dialogue with your customers unlike any other method. With you’ll have the ability to retain all of your best customers at minimal cost.

Know what your customers are worth.







  Voice Broadcasting

Send out voice broadcasts to your customers, keeping them up to date on events and happenings with your company.
Your recordings or even text to speech when you are in a hurry and need to get it out there right now.. Whatever version, we have got it covered.






wEbinars and online meetings

MEETINGS & WEBINARS – Total  control of seating numbers without the headaches. Reminders Lead capture and followup – this will blow you away.. If you have been paying out Thousands per month for the popular services wait and see what we bring you….


Simple pricing structure – you’ll be amazed and NEVER have out of hand costs again.




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